To the Veterans

To you I raise a glass of beer, light a cigarette, make a gift-
Thank you…

Whether you served willingly or unwilling, you were faithful to your comrades and your cause.
You put yourself ini harm’s way that others might enjoy freedom.

Thank you.

You who live still, share your wisdom—

What have you learned about the relationship between slogans and reality?

What challenges strained your honor?

How were you changed by war?

Do not let us forget you,

Do not let us forget our part of the bargain,

Do not let us send more young people out  unless the cause is just and they can fight with honor.

You who have passed, teach us the lesons you learned,

Remind us what you fought for, lest we waste y our victory.

You are a mighty army—let us continue the good fight

Hail to the veteran!