Rituals of Need and Celebration

All human groups create rituals–a ┬áseries of actions performed according to a prescribed order which draw attention to the importance of their subject and leave participants with a sense of harmony and completion. Religious rituals raise, amplify and focus spiritual energy. Rituals such as weddings, graduations or the inauguration of a president celebrate a change in status that is witnessed by the community. Families develop informal rituals for birthdays and holidays. Nations establish holidays and days of remembrance to mark significant events in their histories.

The preceding section lists American holidays and some suggestions for celebrations. The rituals presented in this section were written for various occasions. They can be adjusted and their elements recombined as needed.

Here you will find:

Honoring the Flag

A ritual for Lady Liberty

A ritual for the American Ancestors, guardians of our liberty

Hailing our American heroes

A Pagan Ritual in support of Religious Rights

A Ritual for Veterans’ Day

Quarter callings for use in various rituals

The Pagan Religious Rights Rite performed in Lafayette Park, Washington D.C., on 30 June, 2007 as part of the Pagan Religious Rights Rally in support of the right to put pagan emblems on military headstones. This ritual was celebreated simultaneously by others of like mind around the country!